Metal Racks
The metal racks are made of mild steel with perforated column & beams for shelving, the heights range from 2 Meter to 8 meters with multilevel shelving and capacity form 1 ton to 5 tons. The racks give well organize storage and easier management of stock.

Stacker Cranes (NEWLY ADDED)
Made of I-Section of various size with lift mechanism and controls

Mezzanine Floor
Mezzanine is the unique solution for warehouse, an additional floors of space for a variety of different uses such including storage or extra office space. It can be rack supported mezzanine or ideal floor. Made of metallic structure with hardwood or shutter ply flooring.

The shelves are made of metal used for many businesses, factories, garages, and stores with easy adjustability and mobility. Available in galvanizing and mild steel with powder coated surface.